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[...] To my eye, creativity itself is an act of faith. Every time we move onto the page, the stage, the canvas, we are committing an act of faith, and that takes daring. " I don't know what possessed me to try that," we say, and we are telling the truth. Something larger than ourselves - call it grace or inspiration - gave us the courage to become larger ourselves. Isn't that what we're all after? [...]

- Julia Cameron

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BuroHappold | 2015

Consultant, Berlin Germany

Bayram Baukonstruktion | 2014 - 2015

Construction Manager, Berlin Germany

Schasler Architekten | 2013

Project Manager, Berlin Germany

seele GmbH UK | 2011 - 2013

Project Manager, London UK

Design International | 2010 - 2011

Architect, London UK

LloydNorthover | 2007 - 2010

Architectural Assistant, London UK

erect architecture | 2007

Architectural Assistant, London UK

I am linda mirtcheva, a project professional who sees architecture and construction as a complex discipline of creating, managing and delivering projects. The inspiration of culture, history and social codes of interaction sets the artistic basis and humanitarian mission, while managing the project under regulatory, cliental and contractual frameworks by the means of diplomacy essentially guarantees project delivery.


PMweb, Primavera, Vectorworks, Adobe Creative Suite Graphics, MS Project, Microsoft


Project Brief Review and Definition, Tendering and Contract, Programme, Design, Cost Control, Valuation Review, Progress Report, Change Orders, Site Handover and Non-Conformance Analysis, Main/Sub Contractor Relation, Project Portfolios and Mapping, Proposal Review, Presentations, Team Management, Resource Planning, Client Relation.

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United Kingdom

Westfield Glass Roof Construction, London UK, 2012 - 2013
60 Holborn Viaduct Facade Construction, London UK, 2011 - 2013
Principal Place Commercial Development, London UK, 2011
Victoria Circle Commercial Development, London UK, 2011
20 Fenchurch Street Commercial Development, London UK, 2011
Lexus Park Lane Retail, London UK, 2010
Infiniti Birmingham Retail, UK, 2009 - 2010
Infiniti Europe Retail, Europe, 2008 - 2010
Lexus Europe Retail, Europe/Russia, 2007 - 2008
Greenway Competition: 2012 Olympics, London UK, 2007

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concept coverstudio 1 year 4 sem 5 cover image

studio 1 | year 4 sem II

[2010] Aim is to create a connection between the Old Town and the HafenCity development of Hamburg. Retaining the historic character of the harbour while creating a new platform of artistic expression are key. The intention is for the audience to witness a performance that is captured by the Old Town Scene in the background. (teaching unit: studio 1 | G. MacLaren)


Residential Developments, Berlin, Germany, 2015
GESOBAU AG Residential Restoration, Berlin, Germany, 2014-15
GEWOBAG Refurbishments, Berlin, Germany, 2014
AC 16 Residential New Build, Berlin Germany, 2013
Grand Littoral Marseilles Retail, Marseilles France, 2010 - 2011
Infiniti Europe Retail, Europe, 2008 - 2010
Lexus Europe Retail, Europe/Russia, 2007 - 2008

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concept coverstudio 1 year 4 sem 1 cover image

studio 1 | year 4 sem I

[2010] Objective is to develop a cafe that responds to seasonal change, expressed in design, material and operation. The orientation and integration of landscape suggest a smooth transition from traffic road to park event. The average period of corten steel oxidization is approximately 12/18 months with a resulting dark brown colour. (teaching unit: studio 1 | G. MacLaren)

Social Science I

[2015] Over the years the psychological and social phenomenon of resilience has become a crucial aspect when developing disaster recovery and mitigation strategies. Starting off as a recovery theory on the individual, resilience has the potential of creating a communal strategy of sustenance, recovery and life quality. The following literature review discusses resilience as being dependent on external and internal sets of frameworks, merely that of the quality livelihoods to recovery and human capacity. In disaster resilience these two factors merge together in a set of frameworks that generate the potential for recovery and development of disaster-affected local communities as a long term goal.

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Rabat Mall Retail, Rabat Morocco, 2011
Aksal Office Fit Out, Rabat Morocco, 2011
Morocco Mall Landscape, Casablanca Morocco, 2010 - 2011
Cleopatra Mall Retail, Cairo Egypt, 2010 - 2011
Cleopatra Palace Retail, Cairo Egypt, 2010
Cleopatra Square Retail, Cairo Egypt, 2010

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4.term05 cover image

Model Making

Exploration II

[2010] The following essay discusses the cultural and architectural significance of the Young Vic Theatre, based in The Cut, South London. Initially considered as a temporary solution for young directors, writers and actors in the 1970s, the Young Vic becomes one of the most important and successful small theatres in London, surviving 1970s’ London theatre crisis and celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Starting off as a theatre for young professionals with classic and experimental showcases, the Young Vic retains its young artist support with a wide range of theatre productions until today. A low budget investment in 1970, the Young Vic continues its open and unconventional culture until today, offering quality theatre at reasonable prices.

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concept coverstudio 2 year 3 sem 2 cover image

studio 2 | year 3 sem II

[2008] This through school focuses on performing arts and introduces a theatrical method of teaching. The inhabitation of activities is defined by an association scheme of finishes. The defined backstage areas become public to the outside, yet remain private to the inside. (teaching unit: studio 2 | the AOC)

concept coverstudio 2 year 3 sem 1 cover image

studio 2 | year 3 sem I

[2007] This school extension has the intention of putting an emphasis on the traditional architecture of a Victorian School by the means of shifting volumes and controlling proportions. The reorganisation of space requires to correspond to educational needs. (teaching unit: studio 2 | the AOC)

Exploration I

[2009] The technological exploration of pier structures and their breakage through the natural event of arctic and sea ice serves to develop a new structural typology that controls the risk of severe damage by adapting to natural structures and processes. As natural events intensify in times of global warming, it is important to improve structures and their materiality. Causes of pier breakage as well as existing structural support mechanisms need to be identified and analysed in order to propose a new typology of pier structure. Focusing on the natural example of beaver dams forms the main approach of this technological exploration. It is a merger-approach of two structural systems that aim to improve the life cycle of the existing.

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concept coverstudio 3 year 2 sem 3 cover image

studio 3 | year 2 sem II

[2007] This sculptural approach of a nursery reflects the social density of Hackney's residential area. Wedges squeezing through the existing have structural multifunctional walls that incorporate services and connective play elements, being accessible from both nursery rooms. (teaching unit: studio 3 | erect architecture)

Management III

[2010] This Master Thesis dissertation focuses on the application of conventional and customised project management techniques used to implement construction processes within a different project environment. Identifying core criteria of brand development and systemised delivery into different cultural environments is the fundamental approach of discussing project implementation within the European context. The need for standardised systemisation processes is evaluated by investigating shortcomings of bespoke systems in various construction and industrial contexts.

The European automotive industry has been chosen to be an example for international brand creation through project management techniques and does not intend to be generalised in its execution procedures. The research within this industry puts the emphasis on critical success factors of project execution and depicts valuable information and experience from participants of assorted project disciplines.

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concept coverstudio 3 year 2 sem 4 cover image

studio 3 | year 2 sem I

[2006] The usage of the social sculpture is used as an opportunity for charity members to mobilise and participate social events outside their premise and raise money. The mobility of the sculpture leads to using rather light materials and work in folding boxing schemes. (teaching unit: studio 3 | erect architecture)

Management II

[2009] Risk is defined as ‘the effect of uncertainty on objectives‘ (ISO 31000) and is aimed to be mitigated, monitored and directed in order to control consequences on project delivery. Risk management aims to use specific resources to gain high knowledge about the nature of each risk to qualitate and quantitate its project implication. Projections of possible risk effects are crucial to develop an approach of mitigation which is reviewed and re-evaluated as the project progresses.

The following report identifies methodologies for qualitative and quantitative risk management strategies. The former identifies the prioritisation of risk groups with reference to likelihood, impact vs. severity and threat. It directs the mitigation strategy to suit the project and to lead to a successful project delivery by treating most influencial risks as a priority and control the overall project risk. The latter demonstrates the numeric nature of risk , i.e. cost implications . The usage of a specific software requires a risk model that incorporates variables and constants to understand project activty risk.

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concept coverstudio 2 year 1 sem 1 cover image

studio 2 | year 1 sem II

[2005] In the midst of the Alpes there is the need for an artistic retreat centre that invites actors, dancers and musicians to run experimental workshops as well as study new artistic pieces of greater volumes. The visual proximity and connection between dance studios and music hall creates the community retreat surrounded by nature. (teaching unit: studio 2 | Fioretti)

Management I

[2008] Within all followers of the contingency theory, it is Fiedler who presents the ‘first highly visible leadership theory’ that demonstrates the ‘contingency approach’ in which the leader’s effectiveness is measured in a situational rather than in a behavioural context (Luthans, 1967). The leader’s behaviour is understood as being a varying factor that can be trained, influenced and adapted to situations which ‘enable’ the leader to ‘exert’ power over the team (Hersey, 2000).

As Fiedler’s model is part of the situational approach of leadership, it requires for the leader to hold a flexible attitude of performance that can be applied to situational and group climate changes in order to determine leadership effectiveness (Hersey et al., 2000). Moreover, Fiedler’s contingency theory (1967) demonstrates an accommodation of opposing allegations, elevating certain leadership styles.

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concept coverstudio 2 year 1 sem 5 cover image

studio 2 | year 1 sem I

[2004] Task is to use the natural material of willow in an alternative context of usability and structure in order to create and define space. Designing a tunnel made of this material enforces to overcome the constraints of flexibility and durability. Specific knotting techniques are implemented to achieve a supporting structure. (teaching unit: studio 2 | Fink)

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